A layman’s perspective of Aniracetam

What is Aniracetam?

Understanding what is Aniracetam

When it comes to understanding substances that are capable of enhancing the cognitive powers of a person, the first sort of substances that come to mind are the Nootropics that are available in the market.  However, there are various categories and divisions within these Nootropics.  Among them, the one which is more potent and is said to be more effective is Aniracetam.

A lot of people ask: What is Aniracetam?

The answer to this is simple, but a little long.  There are a variety of medicines that are available on the market that help people boost their energy levels and improve their level of productivity. The primary reason behind this is that it adds energy, and may sometimes be affected by using the placebo effect.  In this effect, even if the medicine doesn’t work by itself, the psychology of the patient makes it appear to him as if it is working.  And therefore, he will be filled with a self-belief that he’s full of energy whereas, in reality, he is not.  He is merely utilising the energy that he had in the first case.

Unlike other Nootropics which are known simply to create higher levels of energy and increase productivity, Aniracetam is said to possess another quality, which distinguishes it from others of its type.  It helps in creativity, or boosts creative thinking.

Another area where it is widely applicable is psychiatrists who prescribe it to patients who are suffering from anxiety or mental disorders.  Whether it is because of a personal loss or any other thing that is causing some grief, Aniracetam is said to be very effective when it comes to dealing with mental pressures that a person might be having.

A lot of people have actually stated that Aniracetam is actually a stimulant:

  • It stimulates energy
  • It stimulates cerebral activity
  • It results in creative thinking
  • It results in rational outlook
  • Deals with anxiety and pressure

However, Aniracetam is said to be extremely bitter in taste in the powder form, and that makes it difficult for people to consume it in the first case.  However, those who really feel the need to take it, does so anyway without bothering much for the repercussions.

In fact, Aniracetam is said to possess the qualities that are opposite of caffeine:

  • It gets rid of lethargy
  • Fills the person with energy
  • Creates the illusion of productivity
  • Helps in performing better
  • Allows a person to avoid sleep, even if he or she is drowsy.

All in all, Aniracetam has been known to be extremely productive with people who need to augment their energy levels and get through the day effectively.  Professionals and medical practitioners too feel that this is a product that patients can use without having to bother too much about the side effects.  Being fat soluble, it is known to possess the capacity to circulate itself more efficiently than any other Nootropics of the same family.  However, this does not go well with fat blockers.