Adrafinil Overdose

Adrafinil Overdose, What are the Best Restrictions and Best Practices to Avoid an Adrafinil Overdose?

Adrafinil is best described a a drug compound created by the French pharmaceutical company Group Lafon in the late 1970’s. It is a central nervous system stimulant that doesn’t cause hyperactivity, but fights tiredness, and may increase memory, but further research is needed in this area. The primary use of Adrafinil is to combat narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness.


Benefits of Adrafinil, and How to Avoid the Adrafinil Overdose Indefinitely

The benefits of Adrafinil include increased energy levels, attention and stamina. Also seen are increased productivity, Adrafinil Overdoseand memory. It also provides a sense of awakeness and alertness with out the side effects of most stimulamts. IN European countries it is used to increase alertness in elderly patients.


Dosage of Adrafinil, And Why The Adrafinil Overdose Only Occurs In High Dosages


The recommended dosage for Adrafiil is between 150-300 mg, although it is recommended that you begin with the lower dosage of 250 mg, and increase to the 300 mg overtime as the body grows acclimated. It is available in either a powder or capsule form as it is water soluble. It is recommended that Adrafinil be take immediately upon awakening or prior to noon for best results.


Side Effects of Adrafinil, And Making Sure That Side Effects Don’t Turn Into An Adrafinil Overdose


Side effects of Adrafinil include mild headaches, nausea, appetite reduction, insomnia and dry mouth. Long term use should be monitored by a medical professional.



Dangers of Adrafinil included liver issues including increased liver enzymes, from extended use, as well as the following: Toxi Epidermal Necrolysis, DRESS Syndrome and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, all of which are skin conditions.


FDA Status:

Currently Adrafinil is legal for use, sell, and possession in most countries. However it is unregulated by the FDA, meaning it hasn’t been approved for specific use that requires a prescription. In the U.K. and Canada a person may be permitted importation of small amounts for personal use. However in Australia, it is obtainable by prescription only.


Final thoughts:

Overall, it appears that Adrafinil is safe for use in persons needing a boost in productivity, awareness, and memory. While it is legal for use without prescriptions, it can sometimes be expensive when you purchase the drug online.



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