Aniracetam for Depression

What is This?


Aniracetam is a very popular nootropic supplement that may also be able to help people cope with various psychological problems. Aniracetam is famous for its cognitive benefits, but its psychological benefits are perhaps even more impressive. Plenty of nootropics can manage to give people improvements in their memories or in their abilities related to information processing. Nootropics that can manage to do that while also giving people the psychological benefits that they’ve always needed are particularly impressive.


Incidentally, the fact that people can take Aniracetam for depression can help them solve multiple problems at once. Many depressed people find it very difficult to work and even to think. They have a difficult time motivating themselves to complete certain thought processes in the first place. Plenty of anti-depressants will restore the balance in people’s brains, giving them the energy that they need in order to do things that will make them happy in the first place.


However, few of these anti-depressants will come with other benefits. People will have to do the rest of the work themselves, even though they have just been experiencing crippling and energy sapping depression for an extended period of time. Taking a nootropic like Aniracetam will give people a boost in terms of their mental capabilities, which will indirectly provide them with the motivation that they need to complete intellectual tasks in the first place.


Reviews for anxiety


Plenty of people take Aniracetam for its effects on anxiety, and they have had a lot of positive experiences with it. Review after review on Aniracetam will indicate that plenty of people have been able to conquer their anxiety at least with this particular nootropic supplement, and they also managed to get cognitive improvements in the bargain.


Reviews for depression


The fact that Aniracetam has so many positive effects on one’s mood is certainly not lost on the nootropics enthusiasts’ community. Many people are now specifically taking the supplement on that basis alone, and they have experienced very positive results. Naturally, Aniracetam is not a supplement that is going to work for anyone right away. People will usually need to take it for a week or so in order to start experiencing many of the effects. Individuals with depression are used to having to wait in order to feel better, and they are tasked with motivating themselves to take the drugs in the meantime before they can really make themselves feel better in a meaningful way. However, people have reported over and over again that Aniracetam was certainly worth the wait, and that they quickly managed to feel better.


Side effects


The side effects of Aniracetam are nothing compared to the side effects that people will have to cope with if they want to take the majority of anti-depressants. Many of these drugs will cause all sorts of severe problems, to the point where it changes the cost and benefit analyses. By way of contrast, Aniracetam usually won’t give people anything worse than mild nausea and headaches, and even the headaches can be counteracted through choline supplementation.




The people who take nootropics like Aniracetam are definitely getting the entire package. They are going to manage to get supplements that will improve their short-term memories, that will make it easier for them to learn, and that will improve their psychological states in many different ways. Many depressed or anxious people will specifically take Aniracetam in order to cope with those specific problems, and it has managed to work very effectively for countless people.


AniracetamIs there a withdrawal?


Almost any supplement can cause minor withdrawal symptoms, especially in the case of supplements in which it is possible to build up a tolerance. The fact that Aniracetam has a relatively short half-life makes it much safer than many of the other drugs that people can take, even among drugs that were specifically intended to be anti-depressants in the first place.


The withdrawal symptoms of Aniracetam, if any, are going to be relatively mild. Some people might start feeling anxious again, although that might simply be a consequence of the fact that they were anxious to begin with and that anxiety has returned now that their medication is gone. Other people might start feeling genuinely irritable. They might be irritable to the point at which it becomes genuinely disruptive for them, but in all likelihood, the feelings of irritability that they experience will be minor and they won’t have to suffer any consequences as a result.


Some of these withdrawal symptoms could be purely psychosomatic. People will feel great when they are taking nootropics like Aniracetam in the first place, and when they stop taking them, those positive feelings might end up going away at the same time. Having to come down from an improvement like that can be emotionally difficult for a lot of people, even if the supplement actually helped them improve in a more long-lasting way. Separating the psychosomatic effects from the physical effects is going to be challenging for a lot of researchers.


Does this need choline?


Supplements that are in the racetam family to begin with are going to need to be taken with choline. Given the interaction between Aniracetam and the acetylcholine receptors in one’s brain, supplementing with choline is going to be important for people who want to avoid giving themselves another imbalance in terms of their brain chemistry. They can avoid those kinds of problems through simple choline supplementation. Given the prevalence of this concern in the nootropics community, it should be easy to find choline supplements online.


However, some people will also try to add to their choline supply through food, adding lean meat and eggs to their diets. It should be noted that it is difficult to get enough choline through food alone, since it is going to be present in smaller quantities in almost all foods. However, the people who take supplements and eat diets rich in choline shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to this kind of potential deficiency.


It is also a good idea to consume something that contains fat while taking Aniracetam for depression, since this nootropic is fat soluble. People who have enough healthy dietary fat may not run into any absorption problems one way or another, but it is still a good idea to take fish oil supplements or ground flaxseed along with Aniracetam. Ground flaxseed and fish oil come with their own health benefits, including benefits for anxiety and depression, making this a particularly good idea.


What will I feel?


The people who take Aniracetam supplements are going to need to give the supplements some time to be fully effective, but some people do manage to feel the results quickly. Many depressed people who take the supplement will quickly feel elated, and they will experience much higher levels of energy than they ever did when they were suffering with high levels of depression. Few emotional states can sap one’s energy like depression, and supplements like Aniracetam can take care of that. People will feel happier and more energetic, and they will find that learning things and memorizing things will come easier to them, which is only going to elevate their moods even further. Aniracetam is a supplement that can set off a positive feedback loop for patients everywhere.


Long-term effects


Aniracetam is a supplement with a very short half-life, for better and for worse. As such, the supplement will disappear from a person’s system quickly after he or she has stopped taking it. The positive and negative side effects will usually go away. However, depressed people who experience any sort of vacation from depression, so to speak, sometimes find it easier to get their lives back in order as a result of that proverbial vacation in the first place.


In that regard, Aniracetam could have positive long-term effects for them. Some people claim that this supplement can cause permanent positive changes in brain chemistry, which may or may not be the case for everyone, but which could mean a lot for the people with depression.


Short-term effects


The primary side effects of Aniracetam are going to be gastrointestinal in nature. Some people will experience nausea and stomachaches. Other people will experience stomach cramps. The people who do not take choline with this particular nootropic are going to be that much more likely to experience headaches as a result of Aniracetam. However, as long as people aren’t allergic to this supplement and don’t suffer from kidney and liver problems, few people are going to have any major side effects as a result of taking safe levels of Aniracetam.




Aniracetam is a supplement that dates back to the 1970s. Its use as an anti-depressant is somewhat more recent, since word has finally gotten out about its psychological benefits and not just its cognitive benefits. Taking medications for the sake of anxiety and depression is more common today from a cultural standpoint anyway, which is part of what has fueled the development of this trend.




Ever since the 1970s, there has been a great deal of research into nootropics in general and into Aniracetam in particular. Indeed, the researchers have found that Aniracetam has a very positive effect on one’s mood, even when it is measured against a control group.


Common Nootropics to stack with this


People will take all sorts of Aniracetam stacks, including Inositol, Picamilon, L-Theanine or Sulbutiamine, Phenibut, or Noopept. These stacks can make the supplement itself and its effects significantly stronger in the fight against both anxiety and depression, whose symptoms can overlap substantially.


Use as an anxiolytic


Aniracetam is used to fight anxiety and depression all the time, and it manages to do both quite effectively. The people who are suffering from both conditions will often find relief in both cases. Anxiety is not substantially more common than depression. Aniracetam is commonly used as an anxiolytic, but it is also commonly used as an anti-depressant, or at least a supplemental one.


Final Thoughts


People find success every single day with Aniracetam for depression. This is a nootropic that can elevate one’s mood directly or indirectly. People don’t have to wait for their lives to begin or for their brains to re-order themselves.