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What is Modvigil?

Modvigil is generic, high quality Modafinil manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, and coming in the form of 200 milligram, neatly pressed tablets. The drug, in pharmacies and by doctor’s prescription, can sell for up to 600 dollars a bottle-even with good insurance, that’s for a one month supply of 200mg tablets (at 20 dollars a pill!) Modafinil is a great drug, but when you get it directly from the pharmacies supplier (thus ridding the middleman from the arrangement) like how we import it, it becomes much, much cheaper. We are able to sell Modvigil at low prices ranging from $1.50- $3.00 per capsule on our website!

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User Reviews of our Modvigil Quality

Most users of our Modafinil leave reviews of increased clarity of thought, motivation, focus, memory, and most of all ENERGY LEVELS. With Modafinil, you have so much mental energy, focus and endurance that stopping is not an option, entreprenur’s and students love this drug so much because once you start on a task, you are quite simply unstoppable! Aside from having less side effects, and being safer and cheaper than much harder kinds of stimulants, over the long term productivity is significantly increased, and surpasses most other nootropics in its class.

Modafinil directly from HAB

Yes, we import our Modafinil directly from HAB Pharmaceuticals, Modafinil’s original manufacturer. By importing directly from the people who supply HAB, we subsequently eliminate the middleman, and are able to offer you the lowest prices around. Modvigil tablets from Modafinil Edge Australia sell for just $1.50 to $3.00 a pop.

Should newbies use such a potent drug?

Put in an entirely honest sense of the word-newbies should absolutely consider Modafinil. It is a very potent nootropic drug, and in those who are new to the growing world of smart drugs, can make a huge difference in your overall productivity, focus and stamina. Start off with one 200 milligram tablet per day, taken early in the morning, and increase or decrease the dose as you feel needed. Give Modafinil a google, there are dozens of entrepreneur’s and extremely intelligent college students who rave about Modafinil in blog post after blog post.

Modvigil dosages

Typical dosages of Modvigil range from 50-400 milligrams daily, start off with 1 standard 200 milligram Modvigil tablet, and increase or decrease the dose as necessary. Bear in mind that the more often you take Modafinil, the more often you’ll need to take the drug to maintain the same effect, the more breaks you take, the healthier you are, and the more sleep you get long term, on the other hand, the stronger Modafinil’s effects will be when you finally need it the most.

Modafinil side effects

While not everyone experiences all or any of these side effects, Modafinil comes with some that range from mildly unpleasant, to just plain uncomfortable. Be sure to keep the dose as low as possible when taking Modafinil-it will ensure that your brain stays in tip top shape, and that side effects are kept to a minimum. Possible side effects include, headache, nausea, upset stomach, dry mouth, jitteriness, and insomnia (if taken too late in the day.)

Is this Limitless Pill spam nonsense?

Absolutely not, Modafinil is a long term solution to stress, strange sleep patterns and ADHD, is an FDA approved prescription drug, and is used by thousands of businessmen and students throughout the globe to be on their A-game in their chosen field, when it counts the most.