Modvigil 200 milligram Tablets, Canada’s Modafinil Supplier

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a nootropic stimulant drug with brain enhancement qualities that include increased focus, memory, mental endurance, alertness, and a bump in overall energy levels. A member of the eurogenic class of drugs, Modvigil, the specific generic drug we offer Canada at extreme discounts, is offered for prices as low as $1.50 per pill. Modvigil comes in 200 milligram tablets, and is always 100% pure Modafinil, it is never cut with anything, always comes in tablet form only, and is every bit as pure as if you had gotten a doctor’s prescription.

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Custom shipping catered directly towards Canada

At Modafinil Edge Canada, we have custom packaging and fast, discreet shipping catered specifically towards your country. Our package comes in a blank, hefty envelope, with no product name on it. With this, the tablets are in convenient packaging (as not to rattle around the envelope) we have 99% discretion when shipping, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your Modafinil will arrive safe and sound.

Modvigil User Reviews

Most users of Modvigil brand Modafinil rave about how it greatly increases alertness, focus and memory, and of how it helped them significantly increase productivity towards their work. Modafinil, in most user reviews, lasted around 12 hours. User Reviews on our website also stated that 200mg was usually the perfect dose, 100 milligrams didn’t last nearly as long as people would’ve liked, and with 400 milligrams came insomnia…and twitches, if taken for too long.

HAB Pharmaceuticals Direct Modafinil

Yes you read that right, we outsource our Modafinil so that we get it directly from the Modafinil creator’s manufacturer, which is why we’re able to sell it at 1/10 the cost of pharmacies! At Modafiniledge, we have only 100% quality Modafinil, and if for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied with your product, simply shoot us an email and we’ll provide you a full refund. Shipping usually takes between 14-21 days, and discounts are offered for our regular customers.

Beginner to Nootropics? No Problem!

Yes, even beginners should experiment with Modafinil, it is an extremely potent nootropic drug for increasing productivity (both short and long term) and even beginners will soon realize how beneficial significant, additional energy can be towards their work and home life.

Modafinil Side Effects

The more frequently you use this drug, the more side effects will begin to manifest themselves. Typically, side effects of Modafinil include dry mouth, upset stomach, insomnia, jitteriness, and increased thirst. When taken as recommended however, and in low, infrequent doses, these side effects very rarely occur.

Modafinil Dosages

Typical doses of Modafinil range from 1-400 milligrams per day. With 100 milligrams (half a pill on our website) being the usual minimum dose needed to feel any sort of effect, and a suggested maximum dose at around 400 milligrams per day (this is because past this, side effects start to outweigh the benefits of higher doses.) Experiment with different doses of Modafinil to find exactly what works for you.

What dose do these tablets come in?

Our tablets come in 200 milligram, fully pressed and legitamite, Modvigil tablets. We are a well reputed vendor, and we only deliver 100% pure quality Modafinil directly from HAB pharmaceuticals.

Is this like NZT from Limitless?

No, NZT is a fictional drug, and a science fiction propaganda used for entertainment purposes only, and while Modafinil may have some of the effects shown in the movie, such as increased wakefulness and focus, Modafinil is a legitamite, FDA approved prescription drug, and works to increase focus and working memory.

What is the packaging for this like?

We ship our Modafinil out in very discreet, sturdy packaging, it is also assembled in blister packs so the pills will not rattle in the envelope.