how to buy bitcoins

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Hot new startup is the first Bitcoin exchange that not only does the job it’s supposed to do very well, it’s also unimaginably beautiful and easy to use.

They’re not too greedy with your personal data and they sell bitcoins to international credit card holders, so they deserve to be our official recommendation if you want to buy bitcoins with your credit card from almost anywhere in the world.

Incidentally, Circle is also our recommendation if you want to purchase bitcoins with a USA bank account.

Get bitcoins in less than 10 minutes
Most user-friendly Bitcoin exchange
Accepts credit cards of many countries
(x) Higher fees when purchasing via credit card

Buy Bitcoins with Bank Account in the USA is a new and very promising USA-based Bitcoin startup. While it’s our official recommendation if you’re looking to buy bitcoins with an international credit card, you can also link your USA bank account and make a deposit to your account. The fees are much lower than if you were buying bitcoins with a credit card. In fact, doesn’t levy any fees when buying bitcoins through a bank account.

It’s really similar to setting up a Paypal account. Go to their website and sign up, link your bank account, make a deposit to your Circle account (takes 3-5 business days), spend the bitcoins 😉

Get bitcoins in 3-5 days
Link your bank account and make a deposit (USA only)
Lower fees than when purchasing with credit cards
(x) Not instant
(x)  Works only with USA bank accounts

Buy Bitcoins with Cash is an awesome peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace. It’s the largest trading hub for everyone looking to either buy or sell bitcoins from or to other people, anywhere in the world. Like Ebay, just much less sucky.

The usability of their website is pragmatic and straight to the point – not ugly, not particularly beautiful either, but very practical and accessible. You can specify where in the world you want to conduct trade and all traders are being ranked and reviewed. A myriad of payment methods is available (cash, Paypal, international wire transfer, many more depending on your trade partners), and you can even use escrow services for added security.

All in all, is an imensely powerful marketplace. As it is with many powerful tools, it’s not the easiest thing to get into. We don’t recommend it for beginners.

Get bitcoins in 1-3 days
Buy bitcoins from sellers anywhere in the world
Many payment methods available
In many cases not instant
For experienced users

Buy Bitcoins with Bank Account in the UK is a funky little website that really only does one job: getting you those bitcoins whatever way possible and fast. They make use of UK banks’ “Faster Payment” protocol, through which bitcoins can be purchased via regular online banking in just 1-2 hours.

The website is straightforward and doesn’t need much explanation. The only downside is that they don’t provide a Bitcoin wallet functionality, so you’ve got to sign up for a wallet with another service (easy, e.g. before you can receive the bitcoins you’re about to pay for.

You can find a tutorial video about how to create a wallet here and also provides a helpful buying guide.

Get bitcoins in 1-2 hours
Faster payments from your UK bank account via online banking
Lower fees than when purchasing via credit card
Purchasing via credit cards in € is also possible
Requires a Bitcoin wallet (we recommend