Modafinil is legal right?

The brow-raising question: Is Modafinil Legal?

There have been lots of controversial questions over the legal status of Modafinil. People have been pondering whether the so-called ‘Limitless’ inspired Modafinil is legal in real life or not. Wondering, what are the restrictions on buying Provigil? Is it legal at your residing area? Well, Modafinil is the wakefulness and alertness promoting drug that belongs to the category of drugs known as eugeroics. Eugeroics are such drugs that are taken under prescription to treat sleep related apnea, narcolepsy, and excessive daytime drowsiness. It has the capacity of offering improved motivation and increased level of productivity by giving the feeling of wakefulness. For off-level uses, Modafinil is the best. Executives, entrepreneurs, students, military men, athletes rely upon the Modafinil drug. The drug shoots up energy level, motivation, wakefulness, and boosts up mental performance. Metabolised by liver into Modafinil, the drug works primarily in the brain by increasing the activity of dopamine, histamine and adrenergic. Differing from several other psychostimulants, eugeroics like Modafinil is considered non-addictive that does not produce side effects. It never invites potential hazards like increased nervousness, nausea and agitation. Modafinil is one such smart drug that enhances cognition and is connected to the class of drugs known as ‘nootropics’.

Is Modafinil legal in various parts of the world?

In the United States, Modafinil is sold widely under the name ‘Provigil’ and is taken to be a scheduled drug which implies that you certainly require a physician’s prescription to obtain it legally. You can bring 50 pills of Modafinil to your country, but then you again need a prescription. Even online stores view the prescription to make it accessible. Even in United Kingdom the drug cannot be bought without prescription. In Canada, it is taken to be Schedule F drug that can be availed with prescription only. It is sold under the name ‘Alertec’ in Canada. Again in Australia, it is sold as ‘Modavigil’ Schedule 4 drug that can be gotten with prescription. However, in Mexico the drug is made available under the name ‘Modiodal’ that can be purchased from various stores without the doctor’s prescription. Its usage is legalised on Mexico and is not a controlled substance. Russia considers the drug as Schedule II drug which implies that it cannot be purchased for personal possession. It is not legal in Russia.

Issues relating to the import of Modafinil

Many buyers report that they can acquire by importing Modafinil legally with online pharmacies. Many buy it without or with prescription from reliable stores. This should not be done for the consequence can be very serious. Places where the use of Modafinil is not legalised one must not buy it. Punishments can range from mere cancellation of order to severe prosecutions. One must be careful while importing the nootropic drug, Modafinil for even if laws permit the import, laws are subject to change. Your package of Modafinil can be delayed at the border itself and may not be permitted to enter the boundary. Only go for those online stores that guarantee refund of the exact amount.