Modafinil Overdose Risks, Is it Possible?

What is Modafinil, and Is The Modafinil Overdose Risk Possible?

Modafil is a treatment for medical conditions such as narcolepsy, insomia, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. The energy promoting agent is widely used by those struggling to get enough sleep, and suffering to stay awake during the day. It is also regognise as a cognition-enhancing drug, but is not advertised as one. In the United States it is a controlled substance due to its addictive potential.


Modafinil is proven to be effective in preventing sleepiness during the daytime without having any effect on the ability to sleep of a night, it has been an extremely beneficial medication for those who struggle with sleep related disorders that effect their ability to function during the day.


To avoid interference with night time sleep, it is recomemded that 100-200mg is taken of a morning with, or without food. The medication should last anywhere between 8-10 hours. Although it may vary depending on the person and the side affects they experience, in order to achieve the best results whilst using Modafinil. It is also reccomended that it is taken 10-15 hours before attempting to get any sleep.

Side Effects

Common side affects of Modafinil include; headaches, dizziness, nervousness and nausea. All of which can be elimated by adjusting the dosage used, aswell as lifestyle choices made by the user. Professionals recommend that it should only be used under medical advice, and if side effects are severe to cease use of it. Serious side affects include; heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and immune issues.

How to Use Modafinil

Modafinil is often used incorrectly in order for people to stay up longer, which can make the on really sick. Taking the correct dosage, at the appropriate times will ensure that the best results can be achieved. Begining with a smaller dose, and taking it early in the day is also recomended.

Long-Term Use

It is recommended to do an on/off cycle with this drug in order to let your body reset itself. Modafinil should also be used as directed, and not to stay up for long periods of time, always adhere to prescribed dosage.


Reviews of Modafinil Online

The majority of online reviews praise Modafinil for its energy, and cognitive benefits, however some claim that they experienced common side affects. The postive reviews outweigh the negative, with many saying that the benefits of Modafinil have been life changing, and have had an extremely positive influence on their lifestyle.

Modafil as a Smart Drug

Modafinil is a popular, performance enhancing smart drug. The concept behind smart drugs is that they have maximum benefit, with minimum effort. People use Modnafinil as a cognitive ability booster, which increases functionality at school, work and day to day life.

Final Thoughts on Modnafinil

In conclusion Modnafil has a variety of benefits for a broad number of people, including those suffering with sleep derprivation illnesses. When used correctly, with the correct dosages and management, the drug has positive effects on many different illnesses and lifestyles.