Modafinilcat, Why Did the Popular Modafinil Vendor Store Shutdown?

ModafinilCat, Why The Website Shutdown, and Was it Actually Run by a Cat!

Modafinilcat, known most frequently as, was in the past, and most recently earlier this year, one of the most popular and highest ranking in Google Modafinil vendors currently on the market, until, mysteriously at the start of 2017, they closed their doors! Why exactly would this happen to such a well known and reliable vendors, and are the rumors that the business was run by an actual cat true?! This article will look at a few joking theories as to why ModafinilCat shut down, will compare the company to a host of other related companies on the web that also sell Modafinil. For more information on this and other similar and related products, be sure to subscribe to our blog for instant updates on discounts and information on both Modafinil and Armodafinil, and the best dosage and proper usages of each drug.

My Theory as to Why ModafinilCat Shut Down, Voluntary Restraint?

So, my theory on why Modafinilcat shut down, is that they made a ton of money on the internet, and moved on to either safer, less high risk, or more lucrative business ventures, rather than just continuing on making money from what was likely a high risk, very stressful, and likely very unstable business model. As someone who has been in the Smart Drugs game for nearly a half a century, I can tell you that with the problems that payment processing typically causes, not to mention the day to day struggle of dealing with customer service, managing all of the problems that operations and fulfilling orders, not to mention growing your business causes, it is a headache indeed. So for this reason, my general theory is that Modafinilcat made their money and got out, taking a break and maybe bought an island with the proceeds! The running joke on the street right now is that Modafinilcat was run by a cat, and that the cat actually forced the company into bankruptcy, now isn’t that something!

Were Payment Processing Issues Something that Forced the Company Into Bankruptcy?

It is very likely a strong possibility that due to problems with credit card processing and accepting payments on their website, that Modafinilcat decided to voluntarily shut down, as it doesn’t look like any legal problems or bankruptcy proceedings forced the company to close down. As someone that has been in the high risk business niche for awhile however, I can tell you from personal experience that payment processing, and accepting credi cards on your website is nothing short of a nightmare when you’re running a high risk internet business. It is likely that they made their money, began to have problems with accepting credit cards on their website, and eventually just cashed out and quit while they were ahead so that they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

How Much Money Was Likely Making?

Given the fact that they were ranked number one for many keywords on the internet such as “buy Modafinil,” and a Modafinilcathost of other related keywords, it is not unlikely that they were making literally millions of dollars a year in profit, even after taxes. The company was ranked number one, and most of my traffic and SEO sources that I use in order to checkout websites say that they were getting well over ten thousand visitors per day, with over 20,000 branded searches per month in Google related to their website. At this level of visitors, they were easily raking in hundreds of orders every single day, they also had a very large and effective presence on Reddit. Hundreds of orders a day at probably forty dollars profit per order gives you anywhere from four to twelve thousand dollars per day, or about two to six million dollars per year! While these numbers may sound ridiculous, given the high risk, high reward nature of their business, I would not doubt that they were at least close to the figures that I just mentioned.

Final Thoughts on the Modafinilcat Shutdown and How You Can Still Get Your Modafinil Online

To sum up this article, Modafinilcat is gone, they are no more, and there is a new powerful Modafinil vendor on the street,! Checkout our homepage shop to purchase very cheap Modafinil and Armodafinil, and contact us about paying with Bitcoin for a 33% off discount! Subscribe for more details and information on Modafinil, and stay tuned for similar Smart Drug articles!



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