Modalert 200

Within 90 minutes of taking one 200mg pill you’ll become a better you. Modalert’s unique coated tablets offer a smooth enhancement in performance, sharpening your focus and making you more efficient. This is the real deal, don’t waste your money on cheap mystery medicines that claim to make you smarter. Trust the pill that people have been using for over a decade.

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Working and Studying

Since I’m trying to avoid getting into a lot of debt, I’ve been working in a call center after classes. After studying all day, it was almost impossible to keep up the perky friendly sales voice. Modalert has helped me so much, I can read faster for school, plus I don’t feel as tired at night so my phone calls are better and my sales have gone up in the last two weeks.

Teaching is Easy Now

Well, not really, haha. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. But I feel more concentrated in my classes and I think it makes me a more dynamic person. My kids still probably can’t stand me, but at least I feel better. Oh, and Modalert is perfect for those days when I have lots of marking to do. Otherwise the papers just rot on my desk. I don’t take it every day, but I like it when I do.

Great for cleaning the house

Two kids, a dog, and a husband means I have a constantly dirty house and plenty of distractions. I took a pill in the morning and got my chores done with an extra hour to spare. That extra time before the kids come home is priceless. Worth every penny.

As limitless as it gets

Modvigil 200, the Internet’s most popular generic Modafinil brand.
Same as Provigil, much more affordable.

Not Limitless’s NZT-48 or Lucy’s CPH4, Just a Real Nootropic

Don’t be tricked by people claiming to have these magic pills for sale, you’ll never see that money again and you’ll be kicking yourself for falling prey to a common scam. NZT-48 which was prominently featured in the movie and now TV series “Limitless” is nothing more than a Hollywood plot device. While CPH4 is a real chemical, its effects are nothing like in the film. Modalert is a real nootropic, a chemical that improves the mind. Interest in nootropics has risen steadily in the last few decades, but modafinil is one of the only ones known to work.

Well Packed and Sent Right to You

Your order of Modalert will be hand packed to ensure that no damage occurs to the foil-wrapped pills. Modalert is produced in packs of 10, in a 5x2 layout. The foil packs are lightweight and convenient: You can put them anywhere. I like to keep one in the car so I can take my dose on my way to work. Padded envelopes provide cushioning for the harsh shipping process, so you will receive everything in one piece. Best of all, you never even had to leave the house. Well, maybe just to get to the mailbox.

A Best-Selling Product from India’s #1 Manufacturer

Modalert is made by India’s largest pharmaceutical producer: Sun Pharma. Sun Pharma has a reputation for quality and its facilities comply with all international standards. Since Cephalon’s patent ran out on Provigil, the brand-name modafinil, Sun Pharma has been making generic Modalert in massive quantities. They are the top provider of modafinil in the world today. You can trust the work of a publicly traded company that’s been in the business for decades.

Save your Money

The best part of buying generic: You save a fortune. Prescription-only Provigil could cost you over $500 for a month’s supply. You can save over 80% by choosing Modalert over the brand-name version. Now you can have quality without sacrificing your money. Importing modafinil is legal without a prescription, saving you time and money in doctor’s fees.

Dosage Guidelines

Most people have no adverse reaction to a 200mg dose, and it’s the standard amount that was tested for in clinical trials. It’s safe to take up to 600mg, although most people find that to be too intense. Modalert pills are perforated which makes it easy to cut them in half if you prefer a smaller dose. If it’s your first time taking modafinil, try 100mg to start with and see how it feels. A very small percentage of people experience side effects, if you find them uncomfortable you should stop taking modafinil.