Modvigil 200 milligram Tablets, United Kingdom Modafinil

What is Modvigil?

Modvigil is a generic form of Modafinil with effects that include increased focus and energy levels, increased mental endurance, and a mechanism of action that keeps one awake, alert and focused for up to 12 hours. Modvigil comes in 200 milligram tablets on our website, and sells for anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 per pill. Modvigil is used by businesses, hardworking individuals and students worldwide to increase performance, and now ships to the UK.

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How is your Service towards the UK?

We ship to the UK much faster than most other Modafinil suppliers out there in that this website is catered specifically towards the United Kingdom, and offering both the best quality product, and best, fastest quality shipping out there. We ship to the UK in custom and discreet packaging, and will notify you by email of your tracking information immediately after your order is shipped.


Most users boast of the high quality Modafinil they get from our online store (among other things like our discreet packaging and lightning fast shipping time.) As far as the actual product quality, it is 100% pure Modafinil, directly from HAB Pharmaceuticals. Modafinil effects include increased energy and alertness, a level of wakefulness unmatched by caffeine or other prescription psychostimulants, and without any of the harsh side effects or ugly symptoms of a stimulant “crash.” Overall Modafinil is hands down the absolute best alternative to caffeine and psychostimulants, businesses and students alike take this drug on a regular basis for good reason.

This Modafinil comes from HAB Pharmaceuticals?

Yes, we outsource directly from the suppliers of HAB Pharmaceuticals, so what you are getting is the exact quality product you would have in your hands had you gotten a Modafinil prescription-just we do it cheaper, and don’t require a prescription or insurance plan. You get the exact same product you otherwise would have with a legitimate doctor’s prescription, only the best, purest, 100% tested Modafinil.Modafiniledge is a legitamite, accredited online store, and has the best reviews on the web, when you order from us, you can rest assured you are getting the best, most potent product available.

If I’m a beginner, should I still use Modafinil?

Yes, Modafinil is a great nootropic stimulant drug for users of all ages and experience levels in the realm of nootropics-Modafinil is also the strongest nootropic drug currently out there, beating out all other nootropics due to its high purity level, and extremely bioavailable potency. If you’re new to smart drugs in general, then Modafinil will prove extremely potent on a fresh mind, use caution when dosing at first however, and do not go above the standard 200mg, (one pill) per day.


Typical dosages of Modafinil range from 50-400 milligrams per day, with a standard normal dose at about 200 milligrams daily-this will last for 10-12 hours, and if taken early enough in the morning, helps to keep a smooth, alert feeling of energy throughout the day. For those with whom 200mg a day seems too strong after you’ve tried it, you should lower the dose to 100mg, and then 50 milligrams daily as you feel necessary. And for those with a growing tolerance to Modafinil, you can up the dose to an absolute maximum of 400mg per day (two tablets in the morning, or one tablet in the morning, and one in the afternoon) as you feel it is needed. Our precaution is don’t exceed 400 milligrams daily, while no long term studies have been done to cap this as an absolute maximum, in our experience, and through our own research as a pharmaceutical-based supplement company, we have found that past this, side effects begin to occur that outweigh the purported significant benefits of Modafinil.

What dose do the tablets come in?

The Modvigil tablets come in 200 milligram, pressed tablets.

Is this Limitless Pill Propaganda or a Prescription Drug?

Modafinil is a legitamite, FDA approved prescription drug, with decades of research backing it as a potent, eurogenic stimulant nootropic. There’s a reason it can be hard to get from your doctor, and why students and entrepreneurs everywhere take Modafinil. Modafinil is one nootropic drug that works, and that works immediately!

What is the Packaging like?

We send Modafinil in very discreet, very professional packaging. You will get a thin envelope with individually packaged groups of ten count tablets, the product will not rattle around in the package (so you can rest in peace that no one knows what you’re ordering) and the envelope does not say the product name on it-as far as shipping goes, you’re in good hands.

Side Effects

As aforementioned, Modafinil side effects increase the more often you take the drug, and the higher dose you use at once. Side effects can include but are not limited to, dry mouth, upset stomach, jitteriness and insomnia-at low doses however, these side effects rarely occur.

Final Thoughts on Modafinil

Comment or message us on how you like our Modafinil, we only sell the purest product available, and love hearing our satisfy customers give their 2 cents.