What is Fladrafinil?

What is This?

So, what is fladrafinil? Fladrafinil (also known as fluorafinil and CRL-40,941) is a drug which promotes wakefulness. This nootropic is similar to adrafinil and modafinil and was created in the 1970s. Nootropics are often called “smart drugs” and are commonly referred to as brain, intelligence, memory and cognitive enhancers. Fladrafinil is a stronger alternative to adrafinil and modafinil, and is most commonly stacked with Piracetam and Noopept

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of fladrafinil, although some have claimed that the drug adds a distinct odor to your urine. In addition, it has also been noted that the nootropic causes vasoconstriction – a narrowing of the blood vessels. Comments that the drug’s side effects are worse than the supposed benefits are also prevalent. However, there is no solid evidence to confirm or deny whether any of these effects are directly related to taking fladrafinil.


Like adrafinil, the purpose of fladrafinil is to promote wakefulness. The smart drug is said to improve concentration and reduce fatigue, enabling its user to become more proactive. The appeal of fladrafinil is that it is stronger than the other drugs which are said to give the same benefits. There is proof that the nootropic is twice as strong as adrafinil, making it ideal if that nootropic has started to become ineffective. While being developed, it was also shown that fladrafinil can be used to lower aggression, and its calming effects may have a positive impact on those who suffer with hyperactivity.


Fladrafinil has a similar composition to adrafinil – its only difference is that one of the rings of the chemical have been altered. Classified as a eugeroic drug, fladrafinil promotes wakefulness. The nootropic has also been reported to what-is-fladrafinilreduce aggression among animals, however, research on humans is limited and most of the information about the drug’s effects are purely from first-hand experience. The slight alteration of fladrafinil from adrafinil makes the drug twice as strong as the more renowned nootropic.


Fladrafinil was invented by in the 1970s along with a range of similar nootropics. The drug was noted for its anti-aggressive properties and after being trialled by rats and humans, it was confirmed that the drug was twice as potent as adrafinil. While the drug has gained a reputation, it is not yet available on the open market in a lot of countries and is considered to be just for scientific research instead of consumption.


Reviews for fladrafinil have varied with some reporting that the drug has had a significant positive effect while others are more sceptical. There are reports that the drug gives people a boost when it comes to working harder and that concentration is improved. Others suggest that fladrafinil has a similar feeling to a low caffeine buzz and are unsure whether it has a major impact on wakefulness, however, there is an acceptance that the effects of fladrafinil are largely dependent on the size of the dose. While few say that their anxiety is increased or that their sleep pattern is disrupted, comments of increased blood pressure are not uncommon.


What is fladrafinil useful for? Fladrafinil has similar effects to adrafinil and modafinil but is reportedly twice as strong. It is used by those who wish to improve their wakefulness and concentration. The nootropic is popular among those looking to reduce distractions and stay efficient when completing mundane work. Some think that if the drug can lower aggression then it may be helpful for people to suffer with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Long-Term Effects

In the long-term, as well as making the consumer more productive, fladrafinil is said to help reduce aggression thanks to its anti-aggressive properties. Users report increased concentration and wakefulness long-term, however, vasoconstriction is one of the nootropic’s unpalatable side effects. For those who deem the drug to work, they indicate that it remains effective in the long run, unlike some other less powerful nootropics such as adrafinil.

Short-Term Effects

There are a range of short-term effects that are apparently a result of taking fladrafinil. These include increased concentration and wakefulness (a common trait of such nootropics) and many have likened the feeling to that of a weak caffeine boost. However, while there are positives, others have noted that fladrafinil can also cause increased blood pressure.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are doubts about the effectiveness of fladrafinil. While some have documented that they receive the benefits that the nootropic gives, the general feedback seems to be that the drug has either a limited impact or some unwelcome side effects (vasoconstriction). Considering this, it may be best to stick with a less powerful nootropic such as adrafinil. The smart drug may only be half as potent but is much more well-known and has far fewer side effects. Until more evidence comes to light, the jury is out on fladrafinil, and it’s perhaps advisable to stay away from it.